Re: Line breaks in OL2000

From: neo [mvp outlook] (
Date: 06/08/02

From: "neo [mvp outlook]" <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 09:01:47 -0700

What problems does SR1/1a introduce to Outlook? (Can't be the Email
Security Update because that is part of SP2.)

"Richard" <> wrote in message
> Asked in this forum because only fix found so far had to
> do with OL2000 security:
> We are experiencing inappropriate line breaks/word wraps
> in OL2K.
> Checked KB, and found Q245025., which confirmed our
> problem, but the fix is to install Office SR1/1a.
> To install either causes us problems in other areas, so we
> are hoping to find some way of getting just the part of
> the SR that deals with the line break problem in OL2000.
> Anyone know how or to whom we can seek a solution?
> Thanks in advance.