Public Computer Security

From: Nick Ohanian (
Date: 06/07/02

From: "Nick Ohanian" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 14:51:59 -0700

We have a number of "public computers" in our department: one in each
office, some in another office, and probably others. Anyways I was hoping
that somebody out there might be able to assist me. I'd like to configure
these computers so that they don't compromise our network security. The
public may need to get to some very specific internal resources (such as the
specific application). They may need to get to the internet or they may need
to be restricted from getting to the internet (or they may need to get to
only internal web resources). It's a nt 4 domain with windows 2000
computers. thanks a lot!

                                            -Nick Ohanian