Re: Y2K hosting server

From: Bill Belliveau (
Date: 05/24/02

From: "Bill Belliveau" <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 17:09:58 -0700

> > Sorry if that sounded a little general. I have implemented many Y2K
> > with AD, BUT the very nature of AD provides a hierarchy
> What do you mean by this?

>From what I have seen and used of AD, when you establish a namespace, it
wants to put everything under that namespace in a hierarchial fassion. This
is great if you have a company with an associated hierarchy of department,
etc. But I really want to impliment a server with many namespaces with none
being a root.

Sure I can pop over into the DNS/IIS and set everything up like I would on
NT along with FTP folder permission, but I was wondering if there was any
paradigm changes that I should note before proceeding. Perhaps these web
sites could be entered into AD which idealy would take care of user
seperation, website files, DDNS, ftp rights, etc. In this area I'm gray on
what AD offers. I've been using NT since it was 3.1 but for the past couple
of years I've doing more programming than admin and I have a bit of catching
up to do.

Does E2K offer the kind of features I'm looking for?

Thanks for the thoughts,

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