Re: Allowing a user from one pc to access a file on another (in a WORKGROUP)

From: Edward (
Date: 05/22/02

From: "Edward" <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 18:15:08 +0800

   In an AD ,you can share account with other PCs.In a workgroup,you can't.
   That is my answer.

"Oliver Marshall" <> 写入消息新闻
> Hi,
> I have two web servers which are in a workgroup called WEBFARM. I need the
> IUSR_WEB2 user to access a database on WEB1. I can open the database in
> Access2000 on the WEB2 machine ok, but the web page that uses the database
> says it cant open it due to incorrect file permissions.
> I have tried to add IUSR_WEB2 to the security list for the file, but only
> WEB1 and WEBFARM are listed in the Look In box for that files security
> settings.
> However can I enable cross machine file access for the IUSR_WEB2 user so
> that it can access a file on WEB1 ??
> Any ideas ?
> Olly

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