Re: Nimda is bothering too much..

From: x y (
Date: 05/16/02

From: "x y" <>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 00:42:02 -0400

"bhavana" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> My system was corrupted with Nimda virus. Though I could
> remove it using the antivirus software, I was suggested to
> format and re-install windows , and I did the same.
> Now after formating and installing it reappeared, don't
> know from where,within few hours of re-installation.
> Could be from my back-up files or either because I was
> connected to net. But I hardly downloaded any stuff from
> the net nor do my back-up files are corrupted to the best
> of my knowledge.
> So I deleted the files that were corrupted by the virus.
> I deleted Admin.dll , which the virus creates at its
> initial stages and then some files from inetpub/scripts
> which were created by the virus.After that, I checked the
> system for any viruses by running the antivirus software.
> It says virus-free.
> Do you think there is some security hazard or is my
> system prone to more such attacks . Does deleting the virus
> require formating the system again. No major files have
> been deleted I guess.
> Are there any free downloads of antivirus software,
> which can remove the bugs totally.And suppose if a system
> is corrupted and a bug-free tool has been run to
> remove/repair/delete the virus, do we need re-installation.
> Atleast re-installation of the programs that were
> corrupted? I guess re-installation is only if you think
> your system has been totally corrupted or if you think
> there is a security hazard. Am I right?

Reinstallation is if it is important to you to be sure that your system is
very secure from being hacked again. The reason is that while your system
was vulnerable, there is no way to be 100% sure whether a hacker installed a
back door to allow him to get back into your system again later. So, even
though you have antivirus, you may still be vulnerable. It's up to you to
decide how secure you want to be. You definitely need to SECURE the system
before you put it on the internet using the instructions in this newsgroup
and at For example, you need to install all the
latest Microsoft security patches, download and install IISlockdown
including URLscan, LANguard file integrity checker, software, have a software and hardware firewall
starting with Sygate and Netgear at the inexpensive end, etc. etc.

Fresh installation of Windows with no security patches installed is
definitely vulnerable to Nimda and many other security problems. I suspect
this is the root of your problem.

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