Nimda is bothering too much..

From: bhavana (
Date: 05/15/02

From: "bhavana" <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 11:46:34 -0700


  My system was corrupted with Nimda virus. Though I could
remove it using the antivirus software, I was suggested to
format and re-install windows , and I did the same.
Now after formating and installing it reappeared, don't
know from where,within few hours of re-installation.
Could be from my back-up files or either because I was
connected to net. But I hardly downloaded any stuff from
the net nor do my back-up files are corrupted to the best
of my knowledge.
  So I deleted the files that were corrupted by the virus.
I deleted Admin.dll , which the virus creates at its
initial stages and then some files from inetpub/scripts
which were created by the virus.After that, I checked the
system for any viruses by running the antivirus software.
It says virus-free.
  Do you think there is some security hazard or is my
system prone to more such attacks . Does deleting the virus
require formating the system again. No major files have
been deleted I guess.
  Are there any free downloads of antivirus software,
which can remove the bugs totally.And suppose if a system
is corrupted and a bug-free tool has been run to
remove/repair/delete the virus, do we need re-installation.
Atleast re-installation of the programs that were
corrupted? I guess re-installation is only if you think
your system has been totally corrupted or if you think
there is a security hazard. Am I right?

Thanks in advance.