Re: Lost password

From: Thomas Wespel (
Date: 05/15/02

From: (Thomas Wespel)
Date: 15 May 2002 00:42:48 -0700

Hello David,

the easiest way to reset the passoword is the CIA Commander. This is a
one boot-floppy-solution that gives you after a 10 second boot time
full grafical access to NTFS-based WindowsNT/Windows2000 computers.
It offers a Norton like Filemanager, a grafical Registryeditor and a
grafical Usermanager with chance to change the password of any user.
Compared to other solutions around it has direct support of almost any
SCSI/RAID Controllers and many features others don't have like a
integrated text/hex editor, unlocking of locked accounts, display of
users that have an emtpy password ....
You can download a free evaluation version from (English)
or (German).

The full version of this "swiss army knife" for NT/2000 administrators
sells for 249.00 USD. The license is per administrator independant how
much computers your organisation uses.

More information is provided on

You can order the english CIA Commander at


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"DAVID CROWTHER" <> wrote in message news:<30bb01c1fb49$d9dc91a0$19ef2ecf@tkmsftngxa01>...
> I use Windows 2000.
> I have very simple -and up to now effective - passwords
> which mean I never forget them.
> Somehow in changing the password I have put a wrong
> password in not once, but twice.
> Having tried literally hundreds of combinations near to
> my "normal" ones I have failed miserably to get access to
> my machine.
> How can I now get access or "kill" this duff password?
> Thanks
> David Crowther

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