Re: Logon to Win2K domain as "Domain User" but workstation as "Administrator"?

From: Lanwench (
Date: 05/08/02

From: "Lanwench" <>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 22:25:56 -0400

What you want is for his domain login to have local machine admin
privileges, yes? If so, log into the machine with domain admin rights, and
add it to the local administrators group.

"Roy Chee." <> wrote in message
> Hello everyone,
> Can any one of you help? I am trying to configure a user
> to login to Windows 2000 Server Domain as a "Domain User"
> but logon locally to the Windows 2000 Pro workstation as
> an "Administrator". Is this posible?
> Please help, many thanks.
> Roy Chee.