Re: Backup to a network share

Thank you for your answer. I will try to run sqlserver service under a domain account, since the data is very confidential (no admin has access, only the managing director...). So to give the computer account access is not the way...
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What have I to do, that the backup runs not unter the account of the computer, but of mydomain\me? The SQL Server service runs as NT Authority\networkservice, the SQL Server agent (which shall make the backups at the end of the day) runs under a domain user account.

AFAIK, the SQL Server service account must have permissions to the share for BACKUP/RESTORE. The Best Practice is to run SQL Server services under a domain account with minimal permissions, including the needed permissions to the share. Alternatively, you can backup locally and then copy the backup file remotely via a second SQL Server Agent job step that runs under a proxy account that has share permissions.

Hope this helps.

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