Re: Manage sql memory automatically

You will have to configure MAX/MIN memory for those instances running on the
same node

what do u suggest either keep min max or leave memory dynamically
Your config looks ok, but please test if one node fails over the second and
you do not have memory bottleneck

"pardhiveswar via" <u8956@uwe> wrote in message

my understanding is

Total memory(64 gb) - 4gb(os) = 60Gb \ sum of instances is good idea in a
active -active nodes environments to avoid difficulties during memory


Erland Sommarskog wrote:
If instance1 and instance2 are running on the same node and their
settings are both on the default there is no way of guaranteeing that
each instance won?t get an equal share. For example it is possible for
instance1 to get 5 GB and instance2 to get 55 GB on a 60GB server

I think the idea in your original post is a sound one. Having two
compete for memory can lead to difficulties.

Another topic is whether it really is a good idea to have an active-
active cluster like you describe, but I guess it is a matter of budget.

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