Re: SQL Server User Provisioning on Vista?

That's what I kinda thought also but thanks a bunch Rick for helping
confirm, much appreciated.

"Rick Byham, MSFT" <rickbyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is optional for Windows Server 2003. On Windows Server 2003, if your
account is a member of the local administrators group, you can access SQL
On Vista, the User Account Control prevents Vista from automatically
passing your local Administrators group membership to SQL Server. This
dialog box, adds the accounts you specify to the SQL Server administrators
group. Which is not a bad thing (presuming you want that), but it's not
necessary for Windows Server 2003.
Rick Byham, MSFT
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Hello, I'm not quite if I need to do this but I just ran SQL 2005 sp3
update on our db that's running on Windows 2003 server and at the end it
prompts me this screen and wondering if I should click on the right
arrorw ">" button to grant administrative privileges for our windows
account service? Does this apply to us since it mentions for Windows
Vista and ours is running on Windows 2003 Server? Thanks in advance.