Re: db_ddladmin

On Aug 11, 9:46 am, "Russell Fields" <russellfie...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have one database where developers are only db_dlladmin and they can
create, alter, etc. objects throughout the database.  I don't know why you
are having problems with that.

Have the problem user(s) run the following query:

select name
from sys.database_principals
where is_member(name) = 1

If db_ddladmin is not in the list then there was some problem in applying
that permission.


"Zamdrist" <zamdr...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


Yeah I'm just trying to fit the user into a role where they can
create, drop, modify tables in a database without having full database
rights, such as dropping the database.

SQL 2005

I didn't think I would need to add permission to alter tables on an
individual table by table. I thought that is what roles were for, i.e.


db_ddladmin is listed. I suspect because the table is owned by dbo,
even though they are part of the db_ddlamin role, they cannot modify
the table's structure. I presume they must also be owner of the table.

So I tried to change the ownership of the table from dbo to the user,
but it then complains to me that the user cannot be found.

"Database principal or schema 'cmintake_rw' does not exist in this
database.". Its right there, I can see it with my own two eyes. Can
even log into the database as the user.

What gives? I thought this was pretty straightforward.