Re: Permissions in SQL Server 2005

When you have the View Designer window open, press F4 to open the property
window. There is a property called Schema. That box probably contains the
name of a schema that you don't have permission to use, or maybe even a
schema that doesn't exist. At any rate, try changing it to a schema that you
know you have permissions with.
Rick Byham, MSFT
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"Juan Manuel Porras Gálvez"
<JuanManuelPorrasGlvez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Why are appearing this error when we're going to create a view in SQL

"Property DefaultSchema is not available for Database ... "

Now, we've created a database role function named "A" and we've added a
windows group to this one. "A" has got permission to connect and create
(only) views in database "X".

What's the cause to throw that error?. Could we solve that situation?. Are
there any document to publish that error is a "bug" in SQL Server 2005.

Thanks very much,