Re: Unable to connect to SQL Server after renaming default databas

Thanks very much for the suggestions.

Unfortunately, my login continues to fail, whether I'm trying to use
Management Studio (e.g. to try and browse databases on the server from the
Options dialog) or SQLCMD.

Since I'm using Windows Authentication, I can't possibly be tying the
password incorrectly. Also, as mentioned, I can still use Windows
Authentication to login to another remote server, so my network account seems

I was obviously logged in to the local SQL Server before renaming the
default database, but lost the connection as soon as I've renamed the
database - (this was followed by that 'uh oh' feeling..)

Any other suggestions, maybe? Pretty please?


"Rick Byham, MSFT" wrote:

Since you are familiar with Management Studio and could connect using it
earlier, I suggest you continue to use that. But at the Connect to Database
Engine dialog box, click on the Options button. That opens the Connection
Properties dialog box, which has a spot to specify the name of the database.
Provide the new database name and since you could connect to it before, you
should be able to again.
Then using Management Studio, open your login and change your default
Rick Byham, MSFT
(Implies no warranty or rights)


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