RE: WSUS connection problem to SQL Server 2008

Hi Matthieu,

Thank you for using Microsoft MSDN Managed Newsgroup. My name is Mark Han.
I am glad to work with you on this issue.

From your description, I understand that the WSUS server can't connect to
the SQL Server. If I have misunderstood, please let me know.

Generally, DOMAIN\WSUS_SERVER$ "Login failed means that the client probably
running under LocalSystem account or NetworkService account, and the SQL
Server doesn't have the DOMAIN\WSUS_SERVER$ login account. however based on
the current information, I know that the DOMAIN\WSUS_SERVER$ account exist
and is the db owner of the WSUS database. So the issue is a little strang
and we need to narrow down the problem step by step.

to further diagnose the issue, please collect the following information.
1 please capture the whole error description. For example: the security
number and the state number.

2 Use SA authentication to connect to the SQL Server

3 to check the system event log to see if some kerberos error happens when
the issue occurs

If there is anything unclear, please do not hesitate to let me know. Have a
nice day!

Best regards,
Mark Han
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