RE: No manageable attributes on files of backed up keys and certif

Apologies for delay in followup. Real world job has demands.

It appeared gist of your last post was to create two sets of backups of
master keys and certificate in the database, one set to a network file share,
a second set to the local C: drive on the client PC hosting SQL Server.

I did that just now.

The four files, service master key, master key, and the .key and .cert files
backing up the certificate for TDE, when created on the network share on a
file server to which I am authenticated as my logged on ADS authenticated
user, are created with NO PROPERTIES TABS when viewed in file explorer. They
can NOT be moved, copied, but can only be deleted.

I then changed nothing in the sql script but the path to where the files
were to be written, and ran the backup steps again. When created on the local
C: drive, all files have property tabs, including the security tab, and can
be moved, copied, etc., as well as deleted.

The file server is running Windows 2003 server, with NTFS.

In SQL dev ed I am running on my desktop, I am logged in as sa, not with
Windows passthrough auth. The SQL Server engine and Agent and other services
are running under two ADS accounts, in addition. Those accounts do NOT have
permissions on the file server. My permissions to write there are available
based on having mapped the drive using the same ADS account I am logged on to
my XP workstation with.

I would say it is clearly an issue of permissions somehow, but why in the
world would the SQL server engine be able to create the backup files on the
server, yet they do not have correct file permissions and attributes applied

Note also, although my PC is mapped to a drive letter, SQL server in my
script that backups up the key and cert files, will NOT accept drive letter
in the string declaring the path to where I want them written. I have to use
\\server\share\path\filename\, DriveLetter:\path\filename will NOT work. On
the local PC, DriveLetter:\path\filename works just fine.

Ronald D. Edge
Director of Information Systems

"Mark Han[MSFT]" wrote:

Hi Ronald

Thank you for the update and description. I misunderstood the issue before.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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