RE: Please help with deleting a user.

Hi Al,

Change the owner of the database to "SA". And you should be able to
delete the login :).


Mohit K. Gupta
B.Sc. CS, Minor Japanese
MCITP: Database Administrator
MCTS: SQL Server 2005

"Al" wrote:

I created a <log in> in sql server 2005. When I tried to delete the log in,
it gave me a message that to complete the process I should delete the users
(belonging to this log in) in each databse, it also said that it may be
necessary to transfer the ownership of the schemas to new users. I tried
doing that using:


it says that it can not alter "dbo" schema.

My user that I am trying to delete is "DrawingReview" (it is a generic name
for my applicatin) and when I click on the properties of this user it shows
that the user owns "dbo" schema.
Any Idea how can I delet that user?
I am new to SQL Server.


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