SQL Error 4060, SQL State 1


My client has a W2003 Server with Sql 2000 SP4 running. There is a security
group defined on the W2003 Server that has all the logins that can access
the application database.

I installed SQL Express 2005 on a client computer which is a member of the
W2003 domain.

My .NET application connects fine to databases on SQL 2000 instance on W2003

My problem is I fail to connect to the database on the workstation running
the 2005 Express. The security group defined on the W2003 Server shows up
from the SQL 2005 Management studio, and I used the same stored procedure to
grant all rights necessary to that group on the database on the 2005
Express, but everytime I try and connect from my application, I get the same
error, 4060 State 1.

Is there a checklist anywhere which helps diagnose this problem?

Any help is much appreciated.

Chris Hough