Re: SQL Server 2005 and any authenticated user access / guest account

kellygreer1 (kellygreer1@xxxxxxxxx) writes:
What is the proper way to give any authenticated user access to a View
in SQL Server 2005?
I have a View that I would like to give any valid network
authenticated user access to so they can refresh a connected
PivotTable in Excel 2007.

I have given the guest account REFERENCES and SELECT rights to the
View and precursors (other views and 2 tables). I have also enabled
the [guest] account for this particular database. What am I missing?
Do I then have to do something to map a set of users to the [guest]
Via Excel I get the error message:

Connection Failed:
SQL State: 42000
SQL Server Error: 18456
Login Failed for user 'SOMENET\SOMEUSER'

Well, that message means that the user was not even able to log into
SQL Server, so what permissions you and guest you enable, do not matter
at this point.

You can add the login for the user with the CREATE LOGIN command:

Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, esquel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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