Re: Windows authentication still prompts for database login

If you connect via Windows Authentication SQL Server prompts for login BUT
not for the password. Can you be more specific?

"Ron Porter" <rporter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
SQL Server 2005:
I have some Crystal Reports XI reports that prompt the user with a full
database login screen (server, database, username, password). The login
shows Integrated Security as turned off and the database field is blank
(that is where I think the problem lies).

* The report settings seem to the same as for those reports that do work
(and I did check to be sure that the report itself is configured to use
integrated security)
* Other reports work fine
* The database is set to allow the Windows group that the user is a member
* As far as I can tell, all the relevant database objects carry the same
permission settings as found on objects where everything works as expected
* It doesn't fail for everybody, but close. As far as I can tell, only
members of Domain Admins are successfully running these reports, but
members of the other groups have no trouble with all the other reports.

Obviously, I'm missing something, but I'm at my wits end. Users claim that
the broken reports were working a couple of weeks ago, so it may be that
something changed, but what?

If you suspect that this is really a Crystal-specific problem, let me know
and I'll dig deeper on that angle.

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