Re: Using CA issued Certificates for SQL Certificate Encryption

"Peter Yang[MSFT]" (petery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) writes:
Thank you for your reply and your feedback on this feature. I agree that
there should be a convenient tool to do this in out of box features of SQL
or development products. Please rest assured that your feedback on this is
routed to the product team and they may consider this business request in
future design.

Also, your experience on this issue will certainly benefit the community
and help others who may encounter simialr issues.

If you have any further feedback or wishes on SQL Server, I encourage you
submit via the link below and our product team would like to hear your

Peter, that link is dead since a couple of years back. The correct link is

Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, esquel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Books Online for SQL Server 2005 at
Books Online for SQL Server 2000 at

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