RE: Msg 15404: Could not obtain information about user

Hi Jason,
Thank you for your detail response.

I think that there are two questions left in front of us:
1. Why did Kerberos authentication have not been established in your SQL
Server instance?
2. Can this issue be worked around by using a SQL user account if Kerberos
authentication could not be setup?

Regarding the 1st question, I looked through our posts again and I am sorry
that I omitted some points of your description. I noticed that you could
work around this issue by adding your SQL Server service account to domain
administrators and registering the SPN with the domain user account. This
is expected since only a domain administrator account or the local system
account has the required permissions to register an SPN. By default, SQL
Server will try to register SPN for itself with its service account at
startup, therefore, if the SQL Server service is started under a
non-administrator account, SQL Server cannot register the SPN for the
Your concern was that you did not want to have your SQL Server service run
under a domain admin account. This can be guaranteed. Actually you can
register SPN for your SQL Server instance with a different domain user
account that is a domain admin, but leave your SQL Server service running
under a normal domain user account.
Please try this again.

Regarding the 2nd question, I think that you can try either of the
following two methods to see if they help:
1. If your database owner is a domain user account, run "sp_changedbowner
'sa'" to change your database owner to the SQL login account.
You can check what your database owner is by right clicking your database
in SSMS and click Properties, and then you can find Owner field under
General tab;

2. Create a SQL login account [sqltest] and assign the fixed database role
db_owner to it on your database, and then run "CREATE TRIGGER
[dbo].[MyTable_MyUpdateTrigger] ON [dbo].[MyTable] WITH EXECUTE AS

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel
free to let me know. It is my pleasure to be of assistance.

Best regards,
Charles Wang
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