Alter User for domain user

SQL 2005: If I try to do this:

ALTER USER domain\username WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=SchemaName

I get a message that says "invalid syntax near '\'".

The syntax for ALTER USER says that the first parameter is the user name,
and according to the list of users listed in Security/Users in Management
Studio, there IS a user called "domain\username". So this command should

The underlying issue is that I'm trying to assign a default schema to the
account of the individual user "domain\username". Per KB article 918346, I
have given this individual user account permissions; the permissions are
not assigned by membership in a group.

I know that "you cannot assign a default schema in SQL Server 2005 to a
Windows-authenticated set of users" (same KB article).

Can I accomplish what I am trying to do, that is, have the user "domain
\username" get a default schema assigned?


David Walker


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