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Hi. I have a SQL Server 2000 database,using Windows Authentication,
and have created some new roles and assigned permissions to the
various tables, views and sprocs.  However, the permissions are not
working.  When I log on as a user in one of the roles, i still have
access to insert, update, delete records in tables that i have
specifically denied permissions on (they should only have select
permissions which they have).  I am able to log onto Query Analyzer
and do everything with the table that i should not be able to do. The
user is only a member of public and this role.  The objects are all
owned by dbo.  Any ideas?

If you say "SELECT USER" what does it say? The name of this user or
does it by chance say "dbo"? In the latter case your login somehow
is a sysadmin member and is of course able to do anything.

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Thanks for the help! When I do SELECT USER it does give me dbo. I am
not an expert with networking or with SQL server. Does this mean that
at the windows NT level they have sysadmin rights because I did not
give them these rights on the database?