Re: Setting column-level permissions

GRANT <permission> ON <schema>.<tablename>(<columnname>) TO <GRANTEE>
DENY <permission> ON <schema>.<tablename>(<columnname>) TO <GRANTEE>

These are the statements I use for column level access. I personally have found it somewhat hard to maintain however and have since gone with granting writes to procedures that handle the column and giving rights to the procedures.

"Steve B." <SteveB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:DBCA47BB-630F-43AE-A6A4-9FAB12807733@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In SQL Server 2000, I need need to grant a database role UPDATE access to a
specific table column; users have SELECT access to the entire table through
another role. I have tried using both Enterprise Manager and the T-SQL GRANT
statement to do this; in either case, the operation completes successfully,
but nothing actually happens - when I display the permissions of either the
table or the role after making the change, the desired permission is not
there. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Regards,
Steve B