Re: login failed for user (null)

Hmm.. Good point!

Thanks for sharing.

Ekrem Önsoy

"Rick Byham, (MSFT)" <rickbyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6E02C41D-1A5E-4A9A-9218-BC5BF1746759@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Or the application is trying to connect using Windows Authentication when no one is logged in, and it doesn't have a user context. I've seen this when people set it up using Windows Authentication when they are logged in, and expect it to work when no one is logged in.
Rick Byham (MSFT)
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"Sean McCown" <SeanMcCown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2EA9BABD-7F69-4758-BD14-A7809FAB6657@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yeah, he's right. It's trying to connect with a windows acct that doesn't
have rights in the DB. Either give it rights, or switch to sql auth.

"mecn" wrote:


I have .net app got this error below,
Connection failed: sqlstate:28000 sql server error: 18452 login failed for
user(null). reason: not associated with a trusted SQL server connection

Any ideas