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In this situation, Leila has already more than 4GB of RAM.

Ekrem Önsoy

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Any app can use up to 2GB of memory by default. Lock Pages is mainly for memory above 4GB.

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"Leila" <Leilas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:efg4Kt6AIHA.464@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all,
Today I was working on a server and I noticed that it's processor is 64 bit while the OS is Windows 2003 32 bit.
The PAE switch was added to boot.ini, AWE option was enabled for SQL Server but the service account was not granted the permission of Lock Page in gpedit.msc.
Performance monitor indicated that SQL Server is using 5.1GB memory out of total 6GB.
My question is that how SQL Server was using 5.1GB of memory while it didn't have Lock Page permission.
Thanks in advance,


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