Re: Full Text Query can cause SQL Injection attack?

Any non-parameterized SQL statement (full text or otherwise) is vulnerable to SQL injection when the SQL statement is built using user-supplied values. Validation of user input can mitigate risk but parameterized SQL will eliminate it.

Hope this helps.

Dan Guzman
SQL Server MVP

"anoop" <anoop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:33ABB35B-5F8B-4047-82A0-1FFFC819A387@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am doing Security Audit on a Website using Black Box Testing and
that uses SQL server as a back end, and it is giving free text query error in
some of the fields in which invalid input such as ("/") forward slash is
replaced by text at the server side. In other case it is displaying all the
records when forward slash is replaced by text at the server side through the
intercepting proxy Therefore I don't know the exact code, but that is for
sure that website is using Free Text queries for getting data from SQL server.

Thank you

"Adam Machanic" wrote:

Sure--any improperly formed query (i.e., one that uses dynamic SQL the wrong
way) can open the door to a SQL injection attack. If you can post your code
we can critique it and let you know if it has any issues.


Adam Machanic
SQL Server MVP -

Author, "Expert SQL Server 2005 Development"

"anoop" <anoop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I wanted to know if Full text query can cause SQL Injection
> attack
> in an application which is using SQL server at the back end.
> Thank you
> Anoop


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