Re: default schema (SQL Server 2005)

On Aug 16, 1:26 pm, "Russell Fields" <russellfie...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A sysadmin works within databases in the dbo context, so it will use the dbo
schema (which has always been the default schema for sysadmins, except that
is was called 'owner' in SQL ).

So, I don't think you have an option on this.

RLF<dnlgauth...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


Is there anyway to change the default schema for a user who is a
member of "sysadmin". It appears that Microsoft has made the default
schema for this role "dbo" and our application has been writtem not to
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I agree with the statement that a sysadmin works with in teh database
as "dbo" context, so how can I provide user access via an application
using Windows authenticate and make it so that he/she is a user not a
member of sysadmin? I hope this is not confuising ?