Re: Is it possible to create a custom SQL session function/variable

Take a look at SET CONTEXT_INFO in the Books Online. That allows you to set a value for the connection that is accessible anywhere in the session with the CONTEXT_INFO function. Since the value is binary, you'll need to convert as needed.

Hope this helps.

Dan Guzman
SQL Server MVP

"GMG" <gmgsoftware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23cNc2ceuHHA.3376@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To avoid having to pass this user specific ID via a parameter in the stored
procedure, is it possible to create your own function like (like
suser_sid()) or variable (like @@SPID) ?

This value would be passed from a Web Service ( 2.0) in the
connection string or something and could be referred to anywhere in the SQL
code (SQL 2005).

Has anyone got a better solution than a SP parameter ?


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