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I don't use the word hero very often, but you sir, are the greatest hero of
all time. Thank you for confirming I'm not insane. SP2 has caused the
Securables tab to populate properly and now it actually makes sense.

The only other issue that I'm trying to wrap my head around and can't seem
to google well is the difference between "GRANT" and "WITH GRANT". Can you
enlighten me?

Thank you a million times over!

"Erland Sommarskog" <esquel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
James (minorkeys@xxxxxxxxx) writes:
Thank you very much. I believe I have my head wrapped around this

When I go to the Securables tab for this role, there are no objects in
listbox. Simply an Add button. Yet, if I view the properties of certain
stored procedures it will have that role listed with execute permissions.

This seems like a simple request, but all I want is to see the objects
that a certain role has permissions on, and what those permissions are?
Rhetorical: Why is this so difficult/counter-intuitive?

I did some research, and I think I have the answer. If you do Help->About
what version do you get for Managment Studio? My guess is that you will
see something 9.00.1399 or 9.00.2047, that is either RTM or SP1. To wit,
when I try this on SP1 of SSMS, I don't see the securables, but SP2 gives
me the list of objects.

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