Re: Error 0x80070534 when changing service account

You can get the error when the account can't be mapped to
the correct SID - did you try another account? With the DC
issue, you may also want to try without the domain prefix -
along the lines of ServiceAcctName (instead of


On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 15:35:01 -0800, Alex Luna
<AlexLuna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi people
I'm trying to change the SQL Server service account to a domain account and
got error 0x80070534. I explain a little...
I have three servers, a DC, another DC with SQL Server installed and a
member server with SQL Server installed.
In the member server I wasable to successfully change the SQL Server service
account (and for other SQL services also), so the doman user has needed
privileges in domain and in member server files.
In the second DC, I installed SQ Server prior to promote it to DC. In this
server, if I use domain administrator account to start SQL Server, it starts
without problem. But I want to make it start with same domain account the
other SQL Server starts. So I try to assign the service account using SQL
Configuration Manager and error 0x80070534 "No mapping between account names
and security IDs was done" appears.
Any help will be geatly appreaciated.
Thank you