Re: prevent domain admins from access to sql 2000 service without denying them access to the machine


well this would assume some requirements:

-the default administrators group has to be removed from the sysadmin
role in SQL Server.
-you will have to make sure that they will not reset the password of
the user who will be a sysadmin on the SQL Server for getting into the

YOu will have to keep in mind, that this will not prevent them from
stopping the service, copying the database files somewhere and
attaching them to another server where they have full control of. So
it would be better to use a more restrict file security on the server
and the paths of the database files itself. But, as they are sysadmins
they will probably have the access to the paths, so you will be outta
luck here.

HTH, Jens K. Suessmeyer.



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