Re: Simple question about security setup....

You can create a local user account on the sqlserver machine for the remote
user - be sure the account name and password are the same on both machines.
Then it's just a matter of granting access to the local user account. When
you use Windows authentication to connect, impersonation will kick in and
allow the remote user to assume the local account profile.


"Robinson" <itoldyounottospamme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have SQL Server 2005 Desktop Engine on a PC here at work. This PC is on
a network domain. I have another PC on the network (not on the domain)
that I want to use to connect to a database my SQL Server instance.
However, although remote connections are enabled, I simply get an error,
"the user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" from my
client. It can see the instance, but obviously does not have permission
to create a connection.

I'm using integrated authentication, so somewhere I have to give the
remote PC access. Where/how can I do this?