Re: Log queries made through SQL manager only ?

Then run a trace that filters on the application. If you run profiler you
can see what SSMS uses as an application name and simply use that as a
filter. Then you will see everything for only SSMS. But if you are going to
do this full time you will want to use TRACE instead of profiler and send
the trace to a file for viewing later.

Andrew J. Kelly SQL MVP
"pblse" <pblse2@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Yes, I would like to see exactly what has been executed through SQL Server
Management Studio (this is SQL Server 2005).


"Andrew J. Kelly" <sqlmvpnooospam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev i meddelandet
What exactly do you mean by "Log"? Are you looking to keep an audit trail
of select statements issued thru EM?


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