Re: SQL 2005 Login


Note that in SQL 2005 SQL Logins are case sensitive.

Blog article below has a good table on the different Error States in a 18456
error state recorded in the SQL Server ErrorLog

<Buc> wrote in message news:OU9Y6ZIRGHA.256@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am very frusted.. I have a app that used to work fine with SQL
I installed a new server with SQL 2005, and the new app fails login
from any workstation. Every username I create in SQL fails login from app, EXCEPT sa. I guess the app is OK since just replacing the
username and password in the connection string with sa clears the problem
up. What do I have to do to make a single user work. I have 2 diff DB
servers and the same happens on both. Here's what I've done so far, is
this wrong? What else do I need to do?
Created a user 'testuser' in the management console under databases >
security >logins
( I even made the user a sysadmin, if that makes any difference)
Went under the TESTDB > SECURITY >LOGINS , made sure he was there and made
him under the general tab a db_owner.
All I get is login failed for user 'testuser' from my app, of
course replacing the user/pass with the sa account connects fine. I would
rather not use the sa account credentials from my remote app.

I then tried this did the same stuff above with a new user called
'testuser1' but made hime a local windows user on the standalaone DB
server. No effect, same error...

Ideas are appreciated.. This is driving me nuts..
Thanks BUC


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