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probably this is not a security problem, but a problem with ms-accesss.
I had the same probem and found out, that ms-access .adp projects need a
primary key in any table. If there is a table with no primary key
defined, you cannot make an insert or update, even if you have the
correct user-rights assigned.

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jkadach wrote:

Please help -- I created permissions for db users in SQL Enterprise
manager (and also tried using stored procedures in query anaylyzer).
However, the permissions do not work for other users using my access
project (.adp).

Here are the details:

As DBO (database owner), I have no problems accessing all dbo.objects
in our SQL Server 2000 in my database (using windows nt integrated
security) within my .adp (access data project file, office 2003
version). But when I granted select, insert, and update on certain
objects in SQL Enterprise Manager (v 8.0). However, the permissions
(for other users) that I created do not work in the .adp file. (I
had also tried executing stored procedures in query analyzer to grant
permission for other users). I tried different ways, such as, creating
roles, giving permissions via those roles, then adding users to those
roles; I also tried adding logins that are win user groups, making
them database users then giving permissions, but all of these
variations did not work?

I have installed sp3a, and I haven?t found any hot fixes for this
Thank you for your time ? any help would be greatly appreciated. *

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