Moved database to new server...before creating logins

From: Brent White (
Date: 11/11/05

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    Date: 11 Nov 2005 07:59:16 -0800

    I feel like an idiot for this.

    We are moving our SQL Server database (2000 Standard) to a new server
    (also 2000 standard--don't worry, we've got a separate license for it).
     What I did was backup the database on the old server and restore it to
    the new server for testing our software application.

    Only problem is, I didn't create the users beforehand, so now I can't
    log into the new server with the login. It says I can't access my
    default database.

    WIthout dropping the database, is there a way I can fix this? It would
    be easy enough to drop and re-restore the database, but if there is a
    shorter way that would also work just as well, please enlighten me.

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