Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator call failed.
Date: 10/31/05

Date: 31 Oct 2005 02:16:36 -0800

I am trying to run MS DTC sample application (dblib) equipped
with MS SQL Server 2000.I am using following commnd line to
link SQL Servers on two different systems

"dblib -s1 abc -u1 administator -p1 password1
       -s2 xyz -u1 sa -p1 password2 "

Server 1: my PC (OS Xp)
Server 2: Remote PC (OS Win2k3)

But this gives following ERROR:

               Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator call failed.
Operating system error:
               Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator call failed.
dbenlisttrans() failed: 0

Probably remote PC is (why) not enlisted when it calls

Suggestions are highly appreciated to resolve this problem
Thanks in advance

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