Re: Securing SQL Server after administration installation

From: wickedw (
Date: 10/05/05

Date: 5 Oct 2005 02:14:34 -0700

Hello sue,

Thank you for your advice, I have read the articles you have pointed to
which definitely help clarify some issues.

On the face of it, my changes in enterprise manager have propagated to
the services correctly, I have even manually restarted them as you

Nevertheless, I'm still struggling to make changes/getting registry
restriction errors as discussed previously.

One thing that was confusing me is whether you need to add your SQL
service user to the administrators group to get things running
smoothly? (The account is correctly showing in the system
administrators on the enterprise manager itself) Does this not defeat
the object? Or is it the fact you have changed the name from
administrator that is the main security mechanism? If not, I'm pretty
sure I'm stuck. Do you temporarily assigned to make changes? I'm
worried this is a half baked solution.

Thanks for your help,