RE: Encription for MDF files

From: Mike Epprecht (SQL MVP) (
Date: 07/28/05

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 06:59:05 -0700


Did you encrypt the file/directory when logged in as the SQL Server Service
Account? If not, you need to as the encryption/decryption can only be done by
one account.

Just be aware, if you change the user's password from Computer Manager / AD
User Manager, the encryption certificate becomes invalid and you loose total
access to the data on the encrypted file/directory.

If you do a SQL Server BACKUP, the resultant backup can be restored by
someone else, as long as it is not encrypted.

Copying the encrypted file to a different location, will result in it being
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"Sharad2005" wrote:

> Dear Friends
> I want to use the encryption for the MDF files so that no one can just copy
> the data and attach the MDF files to access the database.
> When i have done the same the database is in Suspect Mode. Please suggest
> what can be the reason.
> I also have the following questions.
> 1. Can another user restore the database backup for the encrypted MDF files.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Shailesh

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