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From: Alex (
Date: 04/28/05

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    Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:56:39 -0400

    Thanks for the answer but....
    The connexion with osql is working even on the actual name (not need to test
    with alias). I can connect using osql on to the server using the name not
    the (local).
    Still, all my apoplications stopped to wotk using (server_name) and are
    working only if I use (local) insteed.
     Any other ideeas? Thanks in advance.

    "Alejandro Mesa" <> wrote in message
    > Try creating an alias with the same name using "Client Network Utility"
    > test if you can connet to it using osql.
    > AMB
    > "Alex" wrote:
    > > Hi ,
    > >
    > > I have a very urgent to solve issue with my SQL Server.
    > > I have SQL Server 2000 installed on my server and a lot of application
    > > working with the existing databases. These application stop recognazing
    > > name of the SQL Server yesterday (the name is CentralServer) so no one
    > > any more.
    > > What is strange is that if I use (local) instead of database server
    > > ("CentralServer") the applications are working (but this is not a
    > > because I have a lot of config files where I use the name of the server
    > > not :local").. If I call from other machine on the nework I can see and
    > > with the name "CentralServer" so any application installed outside this
    > > machine is working fine and can find the Sql database.
    > > It seems that some settings on the server are corrupted like the
    > > in registry somewhere but I don;t have any ideea where to search.
    > >
    > > Does anybody had this problem?
    > >
    > > I really don't know what to do so any help will be appreciate.
    > >
    > > Thanks.
    > > John.
    > >
    > >
    > >

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