Error 15401 adding login to SQL Server
Date: 03/23/05

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    Date: 23 Mar 2005 10:00:29 -0800

    I have a SAP Server running SQL2000 on Windows 2003.
    Recently I migrated the server from a NT4 Domain to a AD Domain using
    ADMT (with SID Migration for users) and everything seems ok.
    Now, after one month, I have to shut down the old NT4 domain and before
    doing it I have to replace the old logins in SQL with the correspondent
    users in the new domain.
    I applied a script which returned Error 15401: Windows NT user or group
    NEWDOM\User not found. Check the name again.

    I checked the KB article 324321;en-us;324321
    I applied the suggestion to verify if
    SELECT name FROM sysxlogins WHERE sid = SUSER_SID 'NEWDOM\User')
    returns a row, but this is not happening.

    Then I tried to create the new login from the Enterprise Manager. So I
    browse for the user and I'm able to find it (It exists! It's the same
    user I use to login on the server) but when I apply the changes I get
    the same 15401 Error.

    So it seems that the KB article is not useful because:

    1) There is no duplicate security identifier
    2) It's not an authentication failure because I can login and browse
    the AD. Also if I choose another AD user it works!
    3) I don't think it's a case sensitivity problem because it happens
    also from EM. By the way, I verified the SAMAccountName AD property of
    the user and the name is all UpperCase.

    I checked lots of posts dealing with this matter but they don't seem to

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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