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From: Jasper Smith (
Date: 03/10/05

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    Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 23:36:21 -0000

    Always test service packs before putting them into production. Although
    service packs go through more testing than hotfixes there are so many
    different environments out there that unless you test it in your specific
    environment you can't be sure you're not going to hit an issue. Certainly in
    our environment we have come across some very weird bugs just because of how
    we have our servers configured (weirdest one yet was down to having an
    affinity mask that was a multiple of 7 <g>)

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    "Rich" <> wrote in message
    > Hello Mike,
    > thanks for the answer.  I am getting flack for wanting to test Service 
    > Packs
    > before they go into production.
    > Rich
    > "Mike Epprecht (SQL MVP)" wrote:
    >> Hi
    >> A SP is a fully end to end tested release that implements fixes and
    >> enhancements to the base product. SP's are cumulative (then contain all
    >> prior SP's fixes plus more).
    >> A Security patch is a hotfix that addresses high priority fixes that if 
    >> not
    >> applied, could lead to compromised security.
    >> A Hotfix is an update, issued to fix a specific problem that somebody had
    >> encountered and Microsoft needs to fix as it could affect other users. A
    >> Hotfix has limited support and does not have the massive amount of
    >> regression testing as a Service Pack would as it is not possible in the
    >> short time frames needed.
    >> NEVER get a hotfix/SP/Security pack from any other source than Microsoft.
    >> Microsoft never e-mails files either. There is always a link to their 
    >> site
    >> from where you can download it. You never know who has tampered with the
    >> files if you don't get them yourself from MS.
    >> With any release, always put it on test servers before production ones.
    >> Functionality can change or behavior you were used to could be altered in 
    >> a
    >> way that your applications were not expecting.
    >> Regards
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    >> "Rich" <> wrote in message
    >> > What is the differnce between a Service Pack and Security Patches that
    >> come
    >> > out over time?  What about Hot Fixes?  Is Microsoft the only sources of
    >> > patches?  Should I test the patch on a demo server before I place it in
    >> > production or should I just trust Microsoft?

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