permissions gone missing in sysprotects

From: Jack Yao (
Date: 01/27/05

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    Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:45:02 -0800

    Hi there,

    I have found the bugs when upgarded DB from sql 7.0 to sql 2000 and I
    noticed that load of records have gone missing in sysprotects table (
    something like from 5000 records down to 60 records only).

    As a results, permission setting does not appear in objects permission
    management in Enterprise Manager.

    I know that the permission setting is still hold in syspermissions table,
    but without the "green ticks" appears on the Enterprise manager interface, we
    would not be able to know what permission we have assigned to each role or
    user at all.

    This problem only happen with the database that has been moved from 7.0 to
    2000 though , if you move db from 2000 to 2000, it seems to be fine.

    Does anyone else out there know how to fix this ?



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