Application Role VB6

From: Paul Whittaker (
Date: 01/24/05

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 05:59:03 -0800

In VB6 I have the following code to use an application role
    With cn
        .ConnectionString = "MyConnectionString"
        .ConnectionTimeout = 10
        .Properties("OLE DB SERVICES") = -2
        'Had to allow execute for sps against the windows group until we can
suss app role
        .Execute "EXEC sp_setapprole 'MyApp',{ENCRYPT N 'MyPassword'},'ODBC'"
    End With

I added a windows group to my sql server database, containing windows users
who will use this app. I gave the group no permissions of any kind. This
group as I understand it will allow the users to open the initial connection
to the database before the application role is then applied to the connection.

Next I added an application role to the database and gave it select, insert
etc. on any tables the app needs and execute permission on any stored
procedures the app uses.

When a user (from the windows group) runs the app, data can be selected from
the tables but you get 'Execute permission denied' on any stored procedure
that runs.

If I explicitly grant permission to the windows group for one of the stored
procedures, they are able to access the stored procedure from within the app.
Ok, I think it looks like the app isn't using the application role.

If I delete the application role from the database and amend the VB code so
as not to use an application role, the user is unable to perform the select
operation on any table, this confuses me as it looks like it was using the
application role to gain access to the data.

Anybody got any ideas.