Re: Tracing addlogin event

From: Jasper Smith (
Date: 12/14/04

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 18:45:55 -0000

You need the following events

Audit AddloginEvent
Audit Login GDR Event

plus the TargetLoginName column (select on the Data Columns tab of Profiler)
These will give you the name (in the TargetLoginName column) of any SQL or
Windows logins created or dropped using either sp_addlogin or sp_grantlogin.
You will never get the exact text for sp_addlogin as it gets replaced for
security reasons

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"German" <german.koninin@crmDASHworldwideDOTnet> wrote in message 
> Hello.
> I have an application that is creating a users in sql server. I feel it is
> doing bad things. So I need to take a look how it is inside. For that I've
> tried to use SQL Profiler. But! I found that it is impossible to trace
> sp_addlogin and such. I was disappointed. As I found it is impossible to
> make profiler trace it. Am I right?
> Ok, so I've tried a second opportunity. It was a trace. Ive created (using
> sp_trace_create) a trace. and add event nuber 104 wich is Audit Add/Drop
> Login. After my trace was running I found an event in a file that was
> created. But! There was just a header like "Audit Addlogin Event". But 
> there
> was no additional information (such as parameters of sp_addlogin) 
> provided.
> You know, after that I feel disappointed of MSSQL 2000...
> Now back to business. Could you suggest me how to handle such an event?
> Thanks a lot.
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> ----
> German Koninin
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> wrong...

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