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Date: 10/11/04

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 20:07:53 GMT

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" I checked 'force encryption' for 'server network utility'
and restarted SQL 2000 enterprise server. I have a one-node cluster on
Windows 2003 server. I did not install certificate. I have now the problem
with SQL sever.
                  As recommended, I corrected the registry parameter by
setting encrypt to 0. But, still, I have no luck. I did not touch any
parameters nor ODBC.
                 I am wondering what the problem would be. I can not run
'Server network utility'.
Thanks in advance,

Once you enable force protocol encryption using Server Network Utility
without a
certificate on a Cluster you're stuck. There's no way to fix this without
putting a certificate on the node.
The server won't come online until you do this. If it's a Cluster you
can't fix the registry manually.
You may be able to run SQL from a command line though.

If you need more assistance recovering this, you'll need to open a case
with SQL Support.


Kevin McDonnell
Microsoft Corporation

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