SQL Server Service Manager user login fails

From: Charles (croot_at_ipcg.com)
Date: 07/13/04

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    Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 12:42:30 -0700


       I'm sure this is probably a simple permissions issue,
    but I'm lost as to what permission to give a user so that
    she can connect to our SQL DB.

       I've installed SQL Server 2000 on a Windows Server 2003
    system. The SQL DB is used only for our new MS CRM 1.2

       We have one domain. All computer and users in the
    network can see the computer running SQL (let's call it
    SQLCPU) when they do a browse of the network. The domain
    controller and the computer running SQL are not the same
    computer. Let's call the domain computer (Corpserve).

       When one of my users boots up (all PC's are XP Pro) and
    the desktop SQL Server Service Manager Starts and you open
    it and attempt to connect to the SQLCPU (which does show
    up in the drop down box) you get a "login failed"

        Now when I login in (I'm a domain admin) there is no
    problem, you connect immediatly. Which leads me to think
    it's a permissions issues. We are using windows
    athentication to access the db.

        On the computer running SQL I've given this user
    access to every possible thing I can think of. I've given
    her full access to the SQL directory, I've given access to
    her in the SQL Server Group Security Folder Logins
    parameter. I've put her domain account in the local users
    folder of the SQLCPU. Still nothing.

        Any idea where I'm suppose to add user accounts to the
    SQL computer so that they can access the db?

    THanks in advance


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