Wierd problem! urgent help! please!

From: Ashish (anonymous_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 05/21/04

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 11:43:24 -0700

You are having these issues because
xp_Cmdshell may be using Loacl System account which may
not have appropriate permissions to network printer !

>-----Original Message-----
>Well here's the thing, I've got an app that sends data to
a printer (local
>or network) which is working totally fine.
>I've also got a DTS that executes this app, which work
perfectly fine when
>executing it from the enterprise manager.
>And I've also got a stored procedure that uses
xp_cmdshell to run dtsrun.exe
>with all of its needed parameters.
>Now, when I'm running this stored procedure from the
query analyzer the DTS
>package runs the printing app, but it get stuck for some
reason. It doesn't
>get stuck when the printing app sends its data to a local
>For some reason there a blockage of that app to the
network printer.
>I've tried changing the account that the sql server is
running on to
>administrator, but no effect.
>I've also tried installing on different platforms: win2k
pro,winxp pro,win2k
>advanced server. (and on different computers)
>I need this to be run on one of those platforms, and if
its possible with
>MSDE on it. note that I've also tried installing Sql
server 2000 developer
>I've got this working only once! when I've install sql
server 2000 developer
>edition+sp3 on a win2k advanced server, but then I've
uninstalled the sql
>server, and installed the MSDE. Since then I couldn't
make the whole system
>work again.
>Here is the stored procedure code:
>CREATE Procedure DtsRun
> /* Param List */
> @DtsName varchar(30),
> @DtsPassword varchar(30)
> DECLARE @ERROR int -- For Hold Error Number
> DECLARE @CMD varchar(1000) -- Dts Run Command
> -- Set as No Error
> SET @ERROR = 0
= 'dtsrun /S "(local)" /U "sa" /P "sa" /N '+@DtsName+' /M
>'+ @DtsPassword
> EXECUTE @ERROR = master..xp_cmdshell @CMD
> -- Return Error
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!